Sony x Design Lab

Exploring alternative ways a user can utilize a TV

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This project was a collaboration between The Design Lab and Sony to form interdisciplinary research teams focused on the usability range of a TV. I was a part of the health and wellness team headed by Sanika Moharana from Sony's UX team.

This project is under NDA, but I am able to talk about my personal experience and takeaways.

September 2021 - december 2021
Product manager
UX researcher
Tools Used
Sony TV prototype

Research Goal

Explore how people define health and wellness, how technology and health are related, along with a problem space to work under for the implementation of a television-centered health product.

My Role

As part of the health and wellness team, I acted as the team's product manager and UX research lead and my contributions include:

1. Guiding the team through research on most used product features
2. Coordinating between members from Sony, Design Lab, and my team to develop a vision for a proprietary health product.
3. Running a competitor analysis on technological health products
4. Creating a script for user interviews to identify the stakeholders
5. Piloting usability testing for a key TV remote feature

Key Takeaway

Throughout this project I gained a deeper understanding on industry quality research, and the amount of time that can be spent on one feature or aspect of a product before it could be approved. Being able to work with full-time designers allowed me to learn and emulate the way industry designers think about and work through a problem space. From the cross-team feedback during meetings, weekly workshop on design skills, to the 1-1 deep dive sessions with my mentors. This experience left a deep impression on me and helped shape my path to becoming a better designer.